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Chestenut paste

The chestnut paste has a very famous taste and consistent for making many desserts, ice creams, chocolates and other sweets. On a light brown color it has a result of the use of fresh fruit and natural vanilla flavor characteristic.

1 kg container

Natural chestnuts cream

Made from fresh chestnuts, this cream is dark brown in colour and tastes great thanks to the subtle addition of vanilla. Its very fine texture and smooth appearance make it very easy to use.

This chestnut cream can be used for sponge fillings and toppings. It can also be used plain or with cream cheese, in ice-cream, crepes or crème brûlée.

1 kg container

Chestnut purée

A pure and natural product with nothing added, allowing chefs to work with it as they please.

It can be used in ice creams or cream desserts (Mont Blanc) and vermicelli with chestnuts (Swiss speciality).

1 kg container

Candied chestnuts

Only the finest chestnuts are selected, carefully peeled and slowly preserved with Eurovanille vanilla pods in order to obtain the perfect fruit/sugar balance.

They are then arranged in a tin and coated in their preserving syrup. Without any added glucose or flavouring, their texture and taste are unique.

We offer a large range of candied chestnuts :

-       Whole crystallised chesnuts in vanilla syrup - 3-4 cm 3,5 kg or 1,1 kg container

-       Broken crystallised chestnuts in vanilla syrup  ideal for pastry decors 1,1 kg container

-       Whole mini crystallised chestnuts in vanilla syrup 1-1,5 cm 1,1 kg container

They are carefully placed in boxes and covered with their candy syrup. They have a unique texture and flavour.

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