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Specialist pastry ingredients

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Specialist pastry ingredients


Red pralines

Pralines rouges

Eurovanille red pralines are the real thing from Lyon. Renowned and enjoyed by chefs, they have a bright pink reddish colour with the flavour of sweet almonds.

With a low sugar content, they can be broken in pieces to make red praline tart or praline brioche. They can also be used to decorate pastries. Contact us for recipes using this and other ingredients.

1 kg sachet

Liquorice powder

Poudre de réglisse

Licorice has a frank smell and a spicy note. The taste is fresh, slightly caramelized and woody. In the kitchen, licorice powder is suitable for incorporation into ice creams, cakes, confectionery and in the production of certain liquors. This product is a water soluble (soluble in water or milk), which allows to obtain an intense and typical taste liquorice.

400 g container



Eurovanille offers two specialties based on Nougat Montelimar : Montelimar nougat paste is made with world-famous French nougat. A delicious blend of roasted almonds, honey and vanilla, it can be used in ice cream or cake fillings.

Nougat chips are crunchy nougat with taste of honey, almond and natural vanilla.

1 kg container

Natural coffee aroma

Arôme naturel de café

Eurovanille coffee flavouring is a 100% extraction of natural coffee from the Ivory Coast, Vietnam and Togo on a caramel base.

1 kg bottle

Agar agar

Agar agar

Agar is a colourless and odourless gelling agent made from seaweed.

Agar’s gelling strength is almost eight times that of animal gelatine. The fact that is is odourless and colourless after gelling mean it is ideal for all preparations: desserts, creams, sauces, jellies and jams. Agar preserves the organoleptic and nutritional properties of fresh fruits by reducing cooking time.

Instructions: soften the agar in a little water or a little of the cooking liquid and mix the diluted agar with the rest of the preparation. Agar must be heated to 85°C to gel. There is no need to heat the entire mixture; you can heat the small amount being used for dilution and then blend it in with the remaining mixture.

250 g container
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