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Dried fruits & nuts

gousse vanille 

The finest dried fruits and nuts from the very best origins

Dried fruits & nuts


Whole shelled pistachio

EUROVANILLE sells extra green, shelled Iranian pistachio nuts, the best pistachios in the world. They have no bitterness and a powerful pistachio flavour. Pistachios can be used whole or chopped.

They can be added to your savoury and sweet dishes and are ideal with sauces, terrines, stuffings and fillings and also pastry dishes.

1 kg sachet

Ground almond powder

Eurovanille ground almonds are made from shelled, sweet almonds from California. Our almond powder is uniform in colour, fragrance and flavour, perfectly dry and specifically ground for making macarons.

Ground almonds are used in making cakes, biscuits, sweets and confectionery (sugared almonds, praline).

1 kg sachet

Natural & blanched almonds

Eurovanille’s Spanish almonds are rich in oil with a typical flavour of fresh, sweet almonds. Their consistency is firm and crunchy.

For cooking, they are ideal in ice creams and almond creams, pralines and more...

Dried (whole, toasted, flaked, ground, in a paste, in a cream or milk), almonds are used in many different cakes, biscuits, sweets and confectionery (sugared almonds, praline).

Size: 36/38 (14 -16 mm)

1 kg sachet

Flaked almonds

These almond pieces are ideal for pastries and chocolates.Dried (whole, toasted, flaked, ground, in a paste, in a cream or milk), almonds are used in many different cakes, biscuits, sweets and confectionery (sugared almonds, praline). Consistency: dry

Thickness: 0.4 – 0.6 mm

1 kg sachet


The Piedmont hazelnut is renowned for being the best hazelnut in the world. Pastry-makers greatly appreciate this variety for its shape, flavour and excellent aroma – straightforward and typical of the hazelnut. For cooking, it can be used for savoury and sweet dishes. It adds a crunchy and fruity note to your dishes! Crushed, chopped, toasted…they are great with salads, vegetables, meat, fish and pastries.

1 kg sachet


Walnut kernels are AOC Noix du Périgord extra quality.
Eurovanille offers three types of products:

  •        Halves
  •        Broken
  •        Halves – chabertes : ideal for decorate chocolate


1 kg sachet

Pecan nuts

Eurovanille pecan nuts have a characteristic, sweet and tasty flavour with a firm texture. They can be eaten whole, ground or chopped.

Pecan nuts are used in tarts, cakes and biscuits with chicken, game, cakes, salads, creams and sauces. They are excellent dipped in chocolate.

1 kg sachet

Macadamia nuts

Eurovanille Macadamia nuts are sold whole and peeled for a great many different uses. Their typical flavour has no bitter aftertaste.

For cooking, they provide a crunchy note to your savoury dishes and desserts. They can replace Brazil nuts in all your preparations.

1 kg sachet
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