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Saffron powder

Safran poudre

Eurovanille’s saffron powder is available in two grades: Category 1 and 2. Saffron has very interesting culinary particularities. As pistils or powder, its honey and slightly bitter and piquant notes are perfect for a variety of uses. In cooking, it can be used with meat, fish and shellfish. It is also used in rice dishes and desserts, confectionery and chocolate…

1 g or 10 g box

Saffron threads

Safran pistils

Eurovanille’s saffron threads is available in three qualities :

-       Saffron threads category 2

-       Cut sffron threads  : "Cut" means that the bases of the pistils are cut by hand to keep the more aromatic red part that gives this saffron its incredible quality.

-       Freeze dried sffron threads : Freeze-drying is the procedure that freezes and dry vacuums the pistils, preserving their aromatic and visual properties. This procedure provides the saffron with its unique appearance that enhances culinary preparations: large pistils with a very pretty and natural colour and preserved aromas.

1 g or 10 g box
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