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gousse vanille 

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Enhance your specialties!

From crops to distribution, Eurovanille, an expert in the industrial sector, selects products with a consistent quality just for you.

Thanks to a significant and constant stock of raw material, we can meet your requirements quickly. Guiding you in your choices, meeting your specifications, offering innovation and supporting yours, our know-how is always at your service.

Vanilla pods (whole or cut), natural vanilla powders, flavourings in powder or liquid form, concentrates and extracts on alcohol or powder carriers, infusions, markers: spent powders, seeds, pastes... Thanks to our IFS certification we guarantee the optimum safety of our processes.

Vanilla pods

Gousses de vanille

Eurovanille  vanilla pods have been carefully selected for clients working in the industrial sector.  We offer the two best known varieties :
- Planifolia (Origin: Bourbon Madagascar or India)

- Tahitensis (Tahiti or Papua New Guinea)

Aromas & vanilla extract liquids

Arômes et extraits de vanille liquides

Our extracts, flavourings and aromas are obtained through extraction, infusion and/or maceration. We provide  various supports and concentrations according to client specifications, the aromatic profile they request  and the nature of the finished product for which the vanilla is needed.

5 kg. containers

Vanilla powders

Poudres de vanille

Our vanilla powders are ground down from our vanilla pods and nothing else.  We grind and sieve according to our clients’ specifications and then heat-treat the powders to guarantee full food safety without damaging the flavour or appearance of our vanilla.  These powders can be directly derived from  whole pods or spent pods from which the vanilla elements have already been extracted. They are then used as markers or visual specks in a finished product.

10 kg. sack

Vanilla Pastes

Pâtes de vanille

Using our flavourings or extracts,  our  pastes are designed for particular recipes and product specifications. They are especially requested where a certain degree of viscosity  is required. These pastes can be pasteurized.

From 4 to 8 kgs.

Vanilla Seeds

Grains de vanille

The seed is to the vanilla pod what the pearl is to the oyster.  Making up between 5% and 6% of the total weight of a pod, they contribute so much to the flavour and appearance of the finished product. We know how to separate them either from the whole pod (natural seeds ) or from pods  that we have already used for other extractions.  (spent seeds)

10 kg. sack
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