Our CSR approach

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Our CSR approach

Since its creation, Eurovanille has been working on natural vanilla in all its forms : in pods, pre-ground, powder, or liquid form, natural vanilla flavouring… Processed natural vanilla, custom formulation of liquid or powder flavouring recipes, Eurovanille promotes quality and ethics. The diversity of Eurovanille's customers, from the craftsmen with whom the company started its activity, to large industrial groups, requires that the company be highly flexible, which it strives to improve every day.  95% of purchases are supplied directly from Madagascar. Remaining in contact with the upstream players, Eurovanille has collaborated with a local charity to finance several projects on the island of Madagascar for local primary schools: bathrooms, restaurant, library, IT room…

For the past 5 years, Eurovanille has also been a member of the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative, a group of companies committed to working on sustainable production in the vanilla industry. It thus participates in projects to improve the quality of the vanilla produced and the lives of the local population in Madagascar.

In 2019, Eurovanille built a 1,000 m2 experimental greenhouse in Gouy-Saint-André (France), where 2,000 vanilla plants are characterized in parallel with the study of the plant's genome and its decoding, which will be the subject of a scientific paper in 2022: this will enable varietal selection with the aim of improving the agronomic characteristics of the plant, securing the work of the growers in the long term, and professionalizing the supply chain.

In 2020, Eurovanille celebrated its 30th anniversary, 30 years during which time the company has continued to grow and hire, while favouring permanent work contracts. With a Social Economic Committee, Eurovanille has regularly invested to reduce work hardness, in production and in the offices. And it is this year that Eurovanille formalizes its commitment in a CSR approach; all departments contribute and play an active part. In addition to the above projects already initiated, these very concrete projects will be added in early 2021: dematerialization of invoices and pay slips, reduction of paper consumption, study on packaging and reduction of its environmental impact, generalization of waste sorting on all 3 sites, monitoring of energy consumption and study of green energy. 

Barbara Ballot

Quality Manager at EUROVANILLE, in charge of the CSR approach


For good vanilla pods supply management and traceability from farm to fork.


For optimized consumption and a transition towards more responsible energy consumption.


For social and community support for people in producer countries and in France.


For the development of new, quality, innovative products that meet the expectations of our customers.