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Natural extracts : Fruit, Flowers and others

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Natural extracts : Fruit, Flowers and others


Natural blood orange extract

Extrait d’orange sanguine

Blood orange extract has a sweet, sugary, slightly bitter, zesty and very fruity flavour. It has a fresh and green fragrance.

Blood orange extract is used in cooking to reinforce the orange flavours in a drink, sorbet, marmalade or cake with zesty orange. It goes well with chicory and grapefruit in salads and is ideal with mint and chocolate (cakes, tarts, sauces and more).


40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural Bitter Almond extract

Extrait d’amande amère

Natural bitter almond extract is very powerful without bitterness unlike the fruit), fruity, with a much broader and richer aromatic palette than artificial flavouring. Its fragrance reveals   lightly smoked notes of barley sugar and cherry.

For cooking it is primarily used in desserts and frangipanes. Rice pudding with apricots and bitter almonds, apricots with eau de vie, Chinese custard tart with bitter almonds, vanilla and orange ice cream, chocolate and bitter almond dessert, etc.

40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural Yuzu extract

Extrait de Yuzu

A pure extraction derived from the zest of citrus junos, our yuzu bouquet has aromas of fresh and zingy spice. Its slightly bitter sweet flavour is typical of the Japanese fruit.


40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural Mint extract

Extrait de menthe

Eurovanille’s natural mint extract has a sweet, slightly sugary fragrance mint tea and chlorophyll and liquorice chewing gum. There is also a lightly woody, minty, tobacco note that is reminiscent of absinthe. A flavour enhancer, it is used in tiny quantities in sweet dishes.

Spearmint extract is mainly used to highlight sorbets and sauces. It goes well with meat dishes and desserts and is ideal with chocolate and coffee.

40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural mandarin extract

Extrait de Mandarine

Our pure mandarin extract is obtained through the pressing of mandarin zest, filtering to remove wax and finally concentrating the extracts in order to draw out the finest, full flavours of the fruit.

Our mandarin extract can be used to draw out and highlight the flavour in any dish which already contains mandarin fruit. Like vanilla, it can be used in ice-creams, sorbets, coulis or fruit mousses.

40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural Lavender extract

Extrait de lavande

Eurovanille natural lavender extract is yellow in colour with a slightly green note. A powerful fragrance reminiscent of the lavender flower, it has a slightly milky and lightly minty aromatic note. A flavour enhancer, it is used in tiny quantities in sweet dishes.

Lavender extract is perfect for flavouring milky desserts (custard tarts, crèmes anglaises or crèmes brûlées) and fresh desserts (sorbets, ice creams, fruit salads). It goes well with melon, watermelon, pear and litchi. For (meat) stews it is ideal with bay leaf and pepper. An innovative association: pan-fried peaches with lavender.

40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural Jasmin extract

Extrait de Jasmin

Natural jasmin extract is very powerful and releases a spicy clove and tobacco flavour whilst being elegantly milky and slightly vanilla. Its fragrance is sweet, flowery and fruity.

In cooking, jasmin extract is used to flavour jelly and sorbet. It goes well with some fresh fruits such as apricot, plum (golden Mirabelle), banana, orange in fruit salads, compotes, fruit jellies, bavarois, jams and also dried fruits. It is perfect with cloves and cinnamon to flavour strong meat and game.

40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural Orange Flower extract

Extrait de Fleur d’oranger

Natural orange blossom extract is obtained by mixing different extracts obtained by steam distillation or extraction of food solvents.

It has a flowery smell (orange), green, slightly dry, slightly spicy (pepper), a little iodine, with a little note vanilla, shellfish, slightly almondy.

40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural tonka bean extract

Extrait de fèves de Tonka

A pure extraction derived from the seeds of Dipterix odorata, our tonka bean extract bouquet has aromas of vanilla, balsamic, cacao and caramel with a typical note of tobacco. Its taste also has a touch of vanilla meaning that it can be used to blend into a vanilla dessert or even replace it in certain dishes.

40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural lemon extract

Extrait de citron doux

Eurovanille sweet lemon extract is an intense yellow colour and has a fresh, zesty, sweet and slightly green fragrance. As a flavour enhancer, it is used in tiny quantities in sweet recipes.

Sweet lemon extract is perfect for highlighting lemon in a soup or sauce, for flavouring a stock and is particularly used in vinaigrettes. It is ideal for avoiding acidity whilst adding a lemon note to your dishes.


40 g or 400 g bottle

Natural bergamote extract

Extrait de bergamote

Natural bergamot extract has a zesty, rustic and fresh flavour that is only slightly acidic with a fresh, green, tea fragrance that is slightly piquant and resinous (pine). There is a hint of rose that is very lightly smoked and iodised.

In cooking, it is used with citrus fruits in a custard tart, sorbet or lemon mousse, in fruit coulis, jelly, jam, apple and bergamot charlotte, almond-bergamot tartlet, pear-vanilla-bergamot dessert. It also goes very well with chocolate, grilled fish (mackerel, sardine) on a skewer or en papillote.

40 g or 400 g bottle
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