• Vanilla pods

    Choose rigorously selected premium quality vanilla pods for your customers. Offer your customers premium quality vanilla pods, rigorously selected at all stages of production; from harvesting to packing in tubes.

  • Natural vanilla extracts & flavours

    Offer your customers powerful and easy-to-use natural vanilla extracts and flavours.

  • Vanilla pearl

    Offer your customers an innovative product: the vanilla pearl.

  • Vanilla paste

    Expand your « Baking » offering thanks to our vanilla pastes.

  • Vanilla powder

    Complete your vanilla selection with our 100% natural Bourbon Madagascar powder.

  • Fine food

    Take advantage of our expertise and expand your « Fine Food » selection.

  • Dried fruits, pastes & fruit extracts

    Offer your customers rigorously selected, quality ingredients.

  • Spices and herbs

    Expand your offer thanks to our selection of spices and herbs.