Our experimental greenhouse

Our experimental greenhouse

Since 2018, Eurovanille has been investing in agronomic research to enable farmers to benefit from more productive and disease-resistant varieties.

Our 1,000 m2 greenhouse and our plantation in Mauritius bring together different species of vanilla plants where scientific studies and theses are carried out thanks to the support of the best global researchers in tropical species.

Genome sequencing

Since 2016, Eurovanille has been investing in vanilla genetics. The best specialists and researchers in the world (CIRAD, INRAE, University of Réunion, Etablissement Vanille de Tahiti, University of Paris Saclay, V. Mane et Fils), equipped with the latest analysis techniques have made it possible to understand the plant, its strengths and its weaknesses and to offer the research community access to research results through official publications (Plant Communication: A chromosome-level, haplotype-phased genome assembly for Vanilla planifolia highlights that partial endoreplication challenges accurate whole genome assembly ).

Product Innovation

In order to meet the expectations of the industry and its customers, our R&D department is developing developing new products and processes. This ability to consistently innovate allows us to offer a wide range of products with varied features and sensory profiles. Discover our product creativity and set yourself apart!